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12x Winter Wizard De-Icing Salt Sticks

Product Code: GBWWSSBOX12P

£48.75 (ex. VAT)

£58.50 (inc. VAT)

11 or more £36.83 (ex. VAT)
22 or more £36.00 (ex. VAT)
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The Winter Wizard Salt Stick is a novel way to store and dispense high purity, fast acting salt to areas that need thawing. The stick is over 1 metre in length and is designed to give accurate spreading and can be re-sealed when not needed.

Simply wave the stick like a magic wand to spread the salt over a 3 metre wide area. Each salt stick contains 1.5 kg of clean de-icing salt.

The Winter Wizard salt sticks come in boxes of 12 and we can offer a half pallet of 11 boxes or a full pallet of 22 boxes at discounted prices.


  • Clean, white de-icer
  • BS3247 certified quality de-icing salt
  • Harmless to animals
  • Long lasting

Granular De-icers - De-Icing Guidelines/Suggested De-Icing Rates

Please find below approximate quantities for preventative treatments of frost, ice and snow conditions. Given the variables involved, these are offered as a guideline only.

Forecast Condition


Spread Rate


0°C to -5°C

10-20 grams /m²

Below -5°C

20-30 grams /m²


0°C to -5°C

25-40 grams / m²

Below -5°C

40-50 grams /m²