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2 Metre Titan Red Barrier with Anti-Trip High-Vis Feet

Product Code: KBP073-000-600

£84.04 (ex. VAT)

£100.85 (inc. VAT)

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This product has a minimum quantity of 2

The Titan barrier with anti-trip feet is well recognised due to it being of excellent quality and having available features. It has undergone all of the necessary tests to meet the proposed NRSWA to ensure the required safety is provided.

Materials - It has been made as a one piece injection mould design, and is made from virgin Polypropylene with 2 year colour fastness properties, and is 100% metal free and fully recyclable

Reflection Panel - The Titan has a reflective panel, which meets the EN12899-2 requirements, ensuring no injuries occur due to them not being visible.

Water Apertures - The Barrier has been designed with water apertures ensuring that water isn't collected and isn't inconveniently adding weight.

Clips - This allows you to connect multiple barriers together to prevent them coming apart, and are usable not only on the same barrier, but on other brands of barrier too.

Stable Feet - Providing excellent grip ensuring they don't fall or get blown over, and the quality ensures that you don't have to purchase spares.

Anti Trip Feet - With high visibility yellow colour, two reflectors on each foot, and a flat scalloped design, the anti trip feet are great for going the extra mile to provide excellent safety to all passers by, and to prevent accident s when carrying heavy objects with no view of your footing.

Stacking - The design of the Titan allows you to stack them very easily, making them easier to move/store.

Branding - There is a large space for you to apply your own branding to the barrier, either through hot-foil or embossing, so that it is specified to the contractor which it belongs to, as well as being able to be colour coded to match the company colours.

Toggles - Branding/courtesy boards can be attached using easy to lock and unlock toggles.

Durability - The Barriers are left for 12 hours minimum and slowly have a 4000Kg fork truck drive over them to ensure they are to the highest standard, which can sometimes leave minor damage or marking, but leaves the barrier perfectly usable and ensures the highest standard.

Stability - Our barriers are tested against other similar barriers and come out favourably, with a balance point of 45°, with any angle below this returning the barrier up to its upright position.

Pull Test - We place a spring onto the top centre of the barrier, and see what force is required to pull it over. For the single barrier it is approx. >3.2Kg, however when 3 barrier systems are linked together, this rises to >7.5Kg.

Additional options may effect the lead time of the product, which may vary depending on your choice of options, if you require more information on the lead time then call our team.