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James Takes On Rockingham For The BMW Compact Cup Championships 2017

It was the penultimate race last weekend at Rockingham for the BMW Compact Cup Championships 2017 and it was as eventful as ever!

James threw himself into qualifying for round 6 and put in a few decent times but, approaching the right-hand corner, Tarzan, disaster struck: James’ brakes completely failed. Thankfully, he narrowly missed the Armco and hit the barrier side-on, meaning his car was repairable.

Though James crashed out of qualifying, he was luckily unhurt

A mad rush then ensued to fix the damage and locate the source of the brake failure, all before the start of the race only two hours away!

James’ team worked relentlessly in the little time they had and found that the car’s previous owner had fitted the pipe serving the brake servo the wrong way round!

Finally, with the brakes fixed and the tyres popped back on their rims, a race-ready albeit slightly battered car managed to start the race from the pit lane after missing the formation lap.

Race 1

Another full grid of 32 cars but James made his way patiently through the field, finishing in a respectable 17th place, making up 15th places and setting the 7th fastest lap of the race.

James working his way through the pack

Although James crashed out of qualifying, he had managed to set a time and was 19th on the grid for the second race.

James finished a respectable 19th place in the first race

Race 2

With James starting in the mix of the grid, this gave him the chance to challenge for an improved finishing place – and he did just that, with an excellent and well deserved 11th place finish, just outside the top 10.

James crossing the finishing line

Rockingham proved to be another learning experience for James and he showed that he has the pace to challenge the front-runners. With an incident-free qualifying, he may be right up there with the leaders.

James is now 9th in the championship with a top 5 finish still very much on the cards.

The series will now head to Brands Hatch for the final round on 22nd October.

You can follow James’ progress on his Facebook page, here.