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Laminate Door Locker - 1 Door

Laminate Door Locker - 1 Door
Laminate Door Locker - 1 Door Laminate Door Locker - 1 Door Laminate Door Locker - 1 Door Laminate Door Locker - 1 Door Laminate Door Locker - 1 Door Laminate Door Locker - 1 Door
Product Code: QMP-LU18301

£170.99 (ex. VAT)

£205.19 (inc. VAT) 205.19

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Product Description

This listing is for a Laminate Door Locker with a single compartment and one door.
These lockers come with premium quality laminate doors, which unlike traditional metals doors will never rust and are very resistant to scratches, dents and other damage. When frequently used or put through strenuous use the door will maintain a quality appearance, making them ideal for use in schools, colleges and leisure centres, or any place where they will see frequent use. These lockers are available in two sizes and with multiple compartment options so you should always be able to find a locker that meets your requirements.
• 2 Sizes available.
• 1 Door.
• Robust steel lockers with light grey Germ Guard powder coated frames and a choice of 10 laminate door colours
• Fitted with standard Cam Locks and supplied with 2 keys.
• Rust-resistant galvanised security shelves to prevent any unauthorised access to the compartment below.
• Strong and ventilated doors with rubber buffers.
• Lockers with 1 or 2 doors come fitted with coat hook in each compartment.
• Fire tested and certified to standards of classification EN 13501-1
• Designed and manufactured in the UK
Standard Cam Lock & Options
These lockers are fitted with standard, mastered cam locks with 2,000 differs. Differs is a term that refers to the number of possible keys for a given lock, based on the lock components. The more differs a lock can have, the more key combinations there are, so the more secure it is. At 2000 differs, our standard lockers are very secure, with minimal possibility of one key opening two different lockers. This is essential for when lockers are being used in public spaces such as gyms and leisure centres.
Although cam locks are fitted as standard, we have options for padlocks, digital keypads, moisture resistant locks, combination padlocks, coin returns and coin retain locks. These are priced on a quote-by-quote basis, so please call us for more details.
Germ Guard Active Technology
The carcass of this locker is powder coated with Germ Guard Active Technology in a light grey colour. Germ Guard is an anti-bacterial finish which provides protection against harmful bacteria as it contains chemical properties which prevent bacteria from infecting and reproducing on the surface or product. Germs which may already be present on hands when using the lockers are attracted to the germ guard coating and are eventually destroyed, effectively reducing the risk of infection from highly touched surfaces. This makes our lockers ideal for schools and other educational environments where a high number of people are in contact with the locker.
Please note this listing is for one locker only, if you wish to purchase multiple lockers please feel free to contact us for a quote.


Height - mm 1800
Width - mm 300
Depth - mm 300
Construction Material Steel/Laminate

Locker Lock Options

Combination Padlock
With its strong construction and offering of over 10,000 combinations, this 4 digit padlock is extremely difficult for thieves to crack. The anti-rust and weatherproof material make the padlock ideal for outdoor and indoor use. It is lightweight and easy to operate which makes it practical for a wide range of applications including the protection of gates, sports lockers, toolboxes and luggage.

Swivel Latch Lock
This innovative swivel latch only requires a padlock to be secured. It has a free-to-rotate nozzle protruding through the door, which is prevented from opening by the external padlock. It provides excellent protection for a multitude of applications including gun cabinets, medicine cabinets, filing cabinets, lockers and storage cupboards.

Dual Pound Coin Return Lock
This Dual Pound Coin Return Lock will accept both old and new £1 coins and is fully wet area tested and suitable for chlorinated atmospheres. It provides security for personal belongings and valuables at locations such as swimming pools, gyms, leisure centres and spas. 
It features a sliding bolt and options for left and right orientation. The lock is operated using a master key, making the lock protected and convenient for users. It is compatible with a comprehensive range of coins or tokens, therefore encouraging users to return their key.

L-R; Standard Cam Lock, Combination Padlock, Swivel Latch Lock, Dual Pound Coin Return Lock