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Sinus Filter

Product Code: 3P1000200DWT

£221.34 (ex. VAT)

£265.61 (inc. VAT)

UK Mainland Delivery: £8.95 + VAT
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The Sinus filter is designed for installation inside your tank and as the rainwater inlet and waste water outlet are the same height on the filter, the Sinus is ideal for conversion of existing tanks. The filter cartridge sits diagonally in the housing, which allows more water through than conventional filters.

Both the inlet and the outlet are DN 100 and the filtered rainwater flows into your tank through the bottom outlet.

Connection capacity for roof areas up to 150m².

The Sinus filter will require regular cleaning with detergent and a brush to ensure the filter netting is degreased and continues to work efficiently.

How it works:

  1. Rainwater flows onto the filter cartridge and the flow is slowed down due to the inclination of the cartridge.
  2. The clean rainwater passes through the filter cartridge whilst the dirt is washed away through the waste water outlet and into the sewer.
  3. The cleaned rainwater passes through the outlet into your water tank below.

Technical data:

Connection inlet: DN 100
Outlet into tank: DN 100
Outlet for waste water and dirt: DN 100
Construction material: Polyethylene

Filter cartridge: Stainless steel
Mesh size: 0.7 x 1.7mm

Weight: 2.1kg