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Standard 2-Way Connectors (Inc Bolts & Washes)

Product Code: ST2WAYCON


UK Mainland Delivery: £10 (per 100 units) + VAT
Delivery: 2-3 working days

Standard 2-Way Connectors are a great way to connect our mats fast, effectively and securely. They can be used to connect the mats together simply and effectively by placing the connector under the corner of each mat, and then connecting via a bolt and washer from the top. All bolts and washers are standard size the therefore you don’t need any specialist equipment to use them. Standard 2-Way Connectors provide good connection when using mats on a medium to long term basis and when using heavy duty plant and machinery, they also allow a small amount of flex which helps to prevent damage to the mats. We would always advise connection of all of our mats for Health and Safety purposes. Standard 2-Way Connectors can be used in conjunction with DuraMatt and E-Mat.