Novelty Litter Bins

Our range of novelty bins provides an engaging and fun way to help encourage children to use litter bins and recycle waste materials. The bright and colourful designs make them suitable for schools, playgrounds nurseries, theme parks and zoos. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, our novelty litter bins will help you to manage and organise your waste streams effectively.

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Water Bottle Recycling Bin - 90 Litre
Water Bottle Recycling Bin - 90 Litre
Special Price
From £152.76 £127.30
1-3 working days
Monster Litter Bin For Schools 42 - 52 Litres - purple
Monster Litter Bin For Schools 42 - 52 Litres
From £254.40 £212.00
3-4 weeks
Pencil Litter Bin - blue, red, yellow, green
Pencil Litter Bin
From £237.60 £198.00
3-4 weeks
Envirobuddie Pencil Litter Bin - 70 Litre - blue
Envirobuddie Pencil Litter Bin - 70 Litre
From £270.00 £225.00
4-5 weeks
Twist Litter Bin with Litter Please Logo - 90 Litre - light blue
Twist Litter Bin with Litter Please Logo - 90 Litre
From £296.40 £247.00
3-4 weeks
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Make recycling and waste disposal fun with our range of novelty litter bins

We offer a wide variety of novelty litter bins that are specifically designed to encourage children and young people to dispose of their waste in a responsible and eco-friendly manner. Our novelty waste bins come in fun and engaging styles such as animals, monsters, pencils, and bottles, which can add an extra element of charm to your premises. These bins are available in different sizes, making them suitable for a wide range of environments.

1. Fun and aesthetic designs

Ideal for schools, playgrounds and nurseries, our novelty litter bins will enhance your environment, replacing the need for unsightly waste disposal bins. Available in a range of fun characters and shapes, these bins will encourage children to correctly dispose of litter, helping to keep your premises clean and hygienic.

2. Durable and hardwearing

Our novelty litter bins are constructed from recycled medium-density moulded polyethylene (MDPE) which is highly UV resistant. MDPE eliminates the chance of rust and corrosion, whilst the UV-resistant properties ensure the colours will remain vibrant, ensuring a long working life.

3. Accessible design

Designed with accessibility in mind, our novelty litter bins feature large open apertures at a low height providing easy access for children and helping to encourage usage. Clear labels help children to identify the purpose of the bins further aiding them and your waste organisation.

4. Organised waste management

Recognising the diversity of recycling programs, our novelty litter and recycling bins are available with WRAP colour-compliant labels and waste-type identification vinyl stickers which help users identify the purpose of the bins aiding your waste stream organisation.

5. Bulk purchasing options

We understand the financial considerations of waste management efforts and we offer bulk purchasing options on select novelty litter bin product lines. Contact our expert team to discuss your requirements and make impactful changes without straining your budget.

Frequently asked questions

Where can your novelty litter bins be used?

Our novelty litter bins are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in a range of environments including schools, nurseries, playgrounds, theme parks and zoos.

Do your novelty bins come with bin liners?

Many of our novelty bins are available with optional plastic or galvanised steel bin liners. These bin liners help to enhance the durability of the bins whilst also aiding the efficient removal of waste.