Ingredients Trucks

Ingredients trucks are ideal for storing and transporting dry ingredients and are suitable for use in bakeries, food factories and other food-related outlets. Our range of ingredients trucks are made from highly durable UV-resistant Medium Density Polyethene (MDPE), each fitted with swivel castors for easy manoeuvrability. Available in a range of colours, our ingredient bins make it easy to store and organise your consumables.

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Organise and safely store ingredients with our food-grade ingredient bins and trucks

At Kingfisher Direct, we know that convenient and safe storage solutions are essential for keeping kitchens, cafes, pubs, factories and other food outlets organised. We stock a range of high-quality, food-grade ingredient bins so you can ensure the safe storage of ingredients within the workplace.

Why choose our ingredient bins and trucks?

Specialised containers for the safe storage of food and ingredients

Each one of our ingredient trucks and bins is manufactured from UV-resistant, food-grade polyethene, so you can rest assured that your ingredients and food can be stored safely. Featuring a smooth surface, our ingredient bins are crevice-free and water-tight making them easy to clean between uses.

A range of capacity options

Whether you require a small capacity bin for more compact areas or you're looking for a large capacity ingredient bin for large-scale commercial kitchens, we stock a range of sizes suitable for your needs. Our compact ingredients trucks are designed to fit under standard height tables so you can maximise your workspace. Our ingredients bins can also be stacked when not in use, helping you to maximise floor space.

Durability, reliability and safety

Crafted from robust materials, our ingredient bins are manufactured using food-grade, UV-resistant polyethene to provide long-lasting, safe and reliable solutions for storing dry ingredients. Each is fitted with swivel castors for easy mobility, helping to keep your workforce safe.

Customisable to your needs

Our ingredients bins are available in a range of colours to assist with colour coding and separation for your stock, helping to keep your workplace organised and safe from cross-contamination. Our ingredients trucks are also available with a range of lid types such as opaque, clear and stainless steel allowing for simple filling and dispensing.

Frequently asked questions

What are ingredient bins used for?

Ingredient bins are containers specifically designed to store and transport food and ingredients. Manufactured from food-grade polyethene, they are easy to clean and ensure ingredients within them remain safe for both human and animal consumption.

What can you store in ingredients bins?

Ingredient bins can be used to store a variety of dry goods and ingredients including flour, grains, rice, salt and nuts.

How do you clean ingredient bins?

Before cleaning an ingredient bin you should dispose of any leftover ingredients within the bin. Once the bin is empty, use a mild detergent such as soap and water and wipe the interior and exterior of the bin. Ensure you thoroughly rinse the bin with clean water and allow it to fully dry before refilling it with fresh ingredients.