Meter Boxes

Our meter box covers are designed to fit over the existing meter box and can be secured in place in a matter of minutes with minimal tools. The meter box covers are manufactured using 2mm powder-coated aluminium and highly durable budget locks. Available in various sizes, our meter boxes provide long-term protection for gas and electric meters.

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Meter box covers for quick and easy replacement and installation

Easily replace electric gas meter boxes with our range of meter box covers. Designed to be placed over existing meter boxes, these meter box replacement covers can be fitted quickly with minimal tools required.

Why choose our meter box covers?

Durable designs

Manufactured from durable powder-coated aluminium, these meter box replacement covers are hardwearing and designed to withstand the elements for years to come. They come fitted with full-length rust-proof stainless steel hinges and hardwearing budget locks for extra security and protection against vandalism and common wear and tear.

Easy to install

Our meter box covers are easy to install and can be fitted in a matter of minutes. They are all supplied with fixings and require minimal tools to secure them in place.

Improve the aesthetics of your premises

Broken and damaged meter boxes not only look unsightly but also put your gas and electric meters at further risk of damage. We supply a range of sizes to fit most standard meter boxes.

Expert guidance and advice

At Kingfisher Direct we have a team of experts on hand to provide guidance, answer your questions, and assist with selecting the right meter box covers for your requirements.

Frequently asked questions

What is a meter box cover?

A meter box cover is a unit which is placed over your gas or electric meter to protect it from damage and weathering. They are typically made from aluminium or plastic and can be recessed or surface mounted either within the property or on an external wall.

Can you replace meter box cover?

Meter box covers can be replaced and fitted by yourself and they usually only require minimal tools and limited DIY experience. Our range of meter box covers are incredibly easy to fit, with all the fixings supplied as standard.