Traffic Bollards and Security Bollards

We supply a wide range of bollards including steel bollards, high visibility traffic bollards and anti-ram security bollards all designed for a range of security and protective measures. Our range of traffic and street bollards are particularly well-suited for pedestrianised and public areas as they can keep unwanted vehicles from entering public areas such as high streets, walkways and paths.

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750mm Tall Galvanised Steel Bollard
750mm Tall Galvanised Steel Bollard
From £51.53 £42.94
3-5 working days
Hoop Barrier 48mm - silver
Hoop Barrier 48mm
From £71.10 £59.25
5-7 working days
Barcelona Retractable Steel Bollard
Barcelona Retractable Steel Bollard
From £2,009.22 £1,674.35
7-10 working days
Barcelona Steel Bollard
Barcelona Steel Bollard
From £216.66 £180.55
7-10 working days
Amortishock Dome Top Impact Absorbing Steel Bollard
Amortishock Dome Top Impact Absorbing Steel Bollard
From £227.69 £189.74
7-10 working days
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Bollards designed for safety and security

At Kingfisher Direct, the safety of people is our top priority. We stock a range of high-quality safety and security bollards designed to protect property, guide traffic, and create secure environments in various settings.

Why choose our safety and security bollards?


Our safety and security bollards are engineered with protection as the top priority. They provide essential security measures, safeguarding buildings, pedestrians, and vehicles against unauthorised access and potential threats.


Crafted from premium materials including steel, galvanised steel and timber, our bollards are built to withstand heavy impact, harsh weather conditions, and daily wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting performance.


Within our range of safety and security bollards, we stock a range of bollards equipped with high-visibility reflective strips. These reflective strips are designed to maximise visibility under any lighting and weather conditions, enhancing safety and ensuring that these bollards are easily noticeable even in challenging circumstances.

Versatile solutions

We offer a diverse selection of safety and security bollards, catering to a variety of needs and requirements. Our range includes retractable bollards, crash protection bollards, cycle lane bollards, LED lighting bollards and traditional bollards, guaranteeing that you'll find the perfect solution for your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you need planning permission for bollards?

If you are installing a bollard on public land you will require planning permission because the bollard may obstruct public access or create safety concerns.

Can I put a bollard on my driveway?

Providing that your driveway is your own private land, then you are able to install a bollard on your driveway.