Street Furniture

Street furniture is the collective term used for objects and equipment installed on streets and roads in the UK. Our comprehensive range includes litter and waste bins, dog waste bins, safety railings, barriers, street bollards and smoking shelters.

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Discover practical and stylish street furniture solutions

Look no further than Kingfisher Direct for practical and stylish street furniture solutions. We specialise in transforming public spaces, parks, streetscapes, and commercial areas into functional, aesthetically pleasing environments that people love to spend time in. Our extensive range of street furniture products are designed to enhance your surroundings, promote community well-being, and leave a lasting positive impression.

Why choose street furniture from our product range?

1. Unparalleled quality

Our commitment to excellence is evident in every piece of street furniture we supply. From seating to shelters and external litter bins, products we supply are built to last. Crafted from durable materials, our products withstand the test of time and the complications of urban life. With our products, you are investing in long-lasting solutions that require minimal maintenance.

2. Innovative, yet practical designs

We believe that great design can transform public spaces. Our street furniture range showcases innovative designs that combine form and function. Whether you're seeking classic elegance, modern minimalism, or something fun, we can recommend the perfect piece for your project.

3. Enhanced comfort and accessibility

Comfort is key in public spaces. Our seating options offer welcoming and comfortable resting spots for pedestrians, while our accessible amenities are designed for inclusivity, ensuring all community members can enjoy these spaces. We aim to create inviting and accessible environments that foster social interaction and relaxation.

4. Price match guarantee

We are so confident in our prices, if you find the same product cheaper elsewhere we'll match it. Terms and conditions apply.

Applications for our street furniture

Browse our product range and discover how our products work across a range of setting such as:

  • Cityscapes: Transform villages, towns and cities with benches, bike racks, and decorative elements that make streets welcoming as well as functional.
  • Parks and recreational areas: Enhance the natural beauty and usability of parks with durable picnic tables, signage and storage for the benefit of your community.
  • Commercial spaces: Elevate the aesthetics and functionality of shopping arcades, high streets and outdoor dining areas with our stylish furniture options that are in keeping with the existing space.
  • Education: Create comfortable and inspiring environments for schools, academies, colleges and universities with our campus seating and outdoor study spaces.
  • Public transport stops and stations: Make waiting for public transport more comfortable and convenient with our benching and seating solutions.