IBC Fittings

IBC Tank Fittings

Whether you're looking for a replacement or a fitting tailored for a specific application, our comprehensive selection of IBC fittings has you covered. Our range includes IBC lids equipped with breather vents for optimal pressure release, standard lids, and durable IBC valve adapters crafted from reinforced polypropylene. We provide various configurations of valve adapters, from female-to-female, female-to-male, male-to-male, and IBC camlock adaptors.

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Manage IBCs effectively with our range of IBC tote fittings

At Kingfisher Direct, we understand the important role that IBC handling plays in many industries. Explore our range of IBC fittings to ensure the effective and efficient management of your containers. Our range is designed to meet the diverse needs of industries, providing reliable solutions for connectivity and pressure management.

Why choose our IBC fittings?

Comprehensive range

Our IBC fittings collection is extensive, comprising essential components such as lids, swivel buttresses, and adaptors. This diverse range ensures that you can find the right fittings for your specific application, offering flexibility.

Reinforced polypropylene construction

Our IBC valve adapters are expertly crafted from reinforced polypropylene. This robust construction ensures durability and resilience, making them reliable components for a range of applications.

Competitive prices

With prices starting from as little as £6.41 (exc. VAT) you can rest assured knowing that not only do you receive top-tier products but you can also enjoy cost-effective IBC tote fittings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are IBC fittings?

IBC fittings, or Intermediate Bulk Container fittings, are components that are designed to be connected to IBCs for a range of purposes. IBC fittings can include taps, hose tails, lids and valve caps.

How do I choose the right IBC fitting?

Your choice of IBC fitting will depend on the application and your specific requirements. Please consult with our team or refer to the product specifications to ensure you get the right IBC fitting for your needs.

Do IBC lids come with pressure relief features?

Yes, some of the IBC fittings that we stock are designed with breather vents to allow for pressure relief. This feature enables you to prevent issues related to pressure build-up within your IBC. Please note that not all of the IBC lids we supply have this feature, refer to the product specification for additional details.