Traffic & Safety Mirrors

Traffic Mirrors and Road Mirrors

Our range of traffic mirrors and road mirrors provide you with enhanced visibility to reduce the risk of accidents, injuries and theft. Easy to install and durable for outdoor environments, they are ideal for use in driveways, warehouses, car parks, leisure centres, retail shops and other businesses to help improve safety for those on your premises.


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Improve safety and security on your premises with our range of traffic mirrors and road mirrors

Traffic mirrors and road mirrors improve visibility for vehicles and pedestrians in a range of outdoor and indoor environments. Whether you manage a warehouse with lots of moving vehicles or you oversee a busy retail store or leisure centre, our traffic mirrors allow you to see round blind spots reducing the risk of accidents, injuries and theft.

Why buy our traffic mirrors?

Improving workplace safety

Businesses and organisations have a duty of care for any individual on their premises. By using our traffic mirrors, you can help your workforce and visitors navigate challenging environments where visibility may be restricted. This can help to reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents and injuries, helping to keep individuals safe against these potential hazards before they arise.

Diverse range

Whether you require a traffic mirror for a busy road, warehouse, retail shop, hospital, car park, school or office, we have a wide range of convex road mirrors and industrial safety mirrors to suit your specific requirements. Our traffic mirrors are available with universal fittings so they can be mounted onto both walls and poles. We also stock a range of specialist mirrors including portable inspection mirrors and surveillance mirrors that have been specially adapted for pools and leisure centres.

Built to last

Our range of traffic mirrors and road mirrors have been manufactured to the highest standard, using premium materials which are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Our range has been treated with anti-UV polymer optics and fitted in thermoplastic resin frames to avoid cracking and yellowing.

Frequently asked questions

What are traffic mirrors?

Traffic mirrors, also known as blind spot mirrors, security mirrors or convex mirrors, are designed to improve visibility in areas where the line of sight is obstructed. The curved shape helps you see around corners or in other areas where visibility is limited.

What are traffic mirrors for?

Traffic mirrors are designed to give pedestrians and drivers visibility around corners, tight spots, and blind spots. They provide a clear view to help you spot potential hazards before they occur, ensuring optimal visibility and safety.

Where can traffic mirrors be used?

Traffic mirrors can be used in a variety of industrial and business premises including:

  • Roads
  • Warehouses
  • Loading bays
  • Car parks
  • Retail shops
  • Offices

Swimming pools and leisure centres