Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Our Underground Rainwater Harvesting Systems are manufactured to the highest possible standards with long term manufacturer warranties. Simple to install and use, they provide a cost-effective alternative to a mains water supply by storing, filtering and pumping rainwater to your house and garden.

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What is rainwater harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting is the practice of capturing and storage of rainwater that would otherwise go down the drain. This harvested rainwater can be utilized for many purposes both inside your property and outside, such as supplying toilets and sinks, to watering flower beds. This not only cuts down on your water costs but also enhances the sustainability of your home or business.

How does rainwater harvesting work?

Rainwater harvesting systems operate by diverting rainwater, most commonly from roofs, siphoning off the water as it travels down the gutter. The water then usually passes through a debris filter to remove any leaves or other detritus before entering either an underground or above-ground storage tanks.

Once collected, rainwater can be pumped from the storage tank directly to taps, header tanks, and appliances to be used as grey water in toilets, car valeting and more. Alternatively, it can be further filtered with a UV filter to treat bacteria in the water and make it suitable for use in a wider range of appliances such as showers, sinks and washing machines.