Water Bowsers

Water Bowsers

When you require significant volumes of water in remote or isolated areas quickly, our water bowsers provide an excellent solution. Our range includes Towable Water Bowsers, designed for towing on public roads and highways, Site Water Bowsers, suitable for properties and Plant Watering Bowsers ideal for councils and grounds maintenance companies.

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Store and transport water with our range of water bowsers

At Kingfisher Direct, we understand the critical importance of reliable water supply solutions for construction sites, agricultural needs, and emergency response situations. We stock a range of high-quality water bowsers designed to facilitate the safe and efficient transport of water in various industries and applications.

Why choose our water browsers?

Versatile solutions for varied needs

Our water bowsers are designed to meet the diverse requirements of different premises and businesses. Whether you need to transport water on public roads and highways or within private areas, we have a water trailer to match your specific needs. Our Highways Water Bowsers are suitable for road and highway use, while our Site Water Bowsers are perfect for private roads and properties. This versatility ensures that you can find the right water trailer for your premises.

Secure and efficient water transport

When you choose our towable water bowsers, you opt for a secure and efficient means of transporting large quantities of water. The trailers are engineered to ensure the safe containment and transportation of water to remote or separate locations, providing a reliable and readily available water supply when and where you need it.

Convenient for various sectors

Our water bowsers are not limited to a particular industry or sector. They find applications in a wide range of scenarios, including construction sites, agricultural settings, events, remote facilities, and more. Whether you require water for construction, irrigation, or event services, our water trailers can provide a quick and accessible solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a water bowser, and what is its primary purpose?

A water bowser, also known as a water trailer, is a specialised mobile tank or container used for transporting and storing water. Its primary purpose is to provide a portable water supply for various applications.

  • Site towable bowsers are made to transport across difficult terrain and rough roads. These bowsers are built to withstand rough conditions, making them perfect for farms or construction and demolition sites.
  • Highway-towable water bowsers are designed for safe towing on public roads and highways. Equipped with a breakaway system, these bowsers activate the brakes if the trailer becomes accidentally detached from the towing vehicle. This mechanism ensures that the water bowser comes to a complete halt in such instances. Their chassis incorporates a lighting board for visibility.

What sizes and capacities of water bowsers do you offer?

We provide a diverse range of water bowser sizes and capacities to cater to different requirements, from small, 215-litre models to larger, 2000-litre units.

How do you keep a water bowser clean?

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity and performance of water bowsers. You should only fill and use water browsers from authorised providers, otherwise, you risk the chance of water contamination. Use warm soapy water to clean the exterior of the water browser and regularly flush or empty the tanks, adding the correct dosage of chlorine each time you replenish.

If the tanks are being used to store drinking water, you should test the water every 24 hours to ensure it is safe for consumption.

Where can water bowsers be used?

Water bowsers find applications in various industries and settings, including construction sites, agriculture, landscaping, events, emergency response, remote facilities, and more. They are versatile and adaptable to different water supply needs.