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We stock a range of high-quality park litter bins designed to provide a convenient way to keep green spaces clean. Choose from a range of park bins and street bins available in various sizes, shapes and finishes to effortlessly blend into any setting while effectively managing waste disposal.

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Coniston Outdoor Litter Bin - 90 Litre
Coniston Outdoor Litter Bin - 90 Litre
From £203.08 £169.23
3-5 working days
Outdoor Green Rubbish Bin - 100 Litre
Outdoor Rubbish Bin - 100 Litre
From £255.90 £213.25
3-5 working days
Red 90 Litre Darcy Litter Bin
Darcy Litter Bin - 90 Litres
From £358.50 £298.75
3-5 working days
Derwent Outdoor Heritage Litter Bin - 120 Litre - grey
Derwent Outdoor Heritage Litter Bin - 120 Litre
From £209.94 £174.95
7-10 working days
Venice Steel Litter Bin - 80 Litre
Venice Steel Litter Bin - 80 Litre
From £868.00 £723.33
7-10 working days
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Park and outdoor litter bins designed to make waste disposal easy and convenient

At Kingfisher Direct, we understand the importance of responsible waste disposal and the role it plays in creating a cleaner and healthier community. We stock a range of high-quality litter bins designed to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in public spaces, commercial properties, and outdoor environments.

Why choose our park litter bins?

Design options
Our park litter bins are designed in a choice of sizes, colours, and styles. Whether you prefer hooded, domed, or open-topped bins, we offer wood-effect, modern, and traditional designs to match your location.

Built to last
We take pride in stocking street and park litter bins that are made from high-quality materials. They are not only robust and durable but also weather and vandal-resistant. This longevity ensures an extended service life for your chosen container, making it a sound investment.

Capacity variety
We understand that different locations have varying waste disposal needs. That's why we offer a range of capacities, from small 10-litre bins to large 120-litre options. You can choose the size that best accommodates your specific requirements.

Ideal for public spaces
Our street and park bins are the perfect addition to public spaces such as parks and fields.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do your litter bins come with liners or bags?
Unfortunately, our litter bins do not come with liners or bags as standard. However, they can be purchased as additional extras.

2. Do you offer solutions for recycling in public spaces?
Yes, we provide park bins that are designed for separating and collecting recyclables in public areas.

3. What is the capacity of your litter bins?
Our litter bins come in various capacities, ranging from small 10-litre bins suitable for small spaces to large 100-litre park bins capable of handling high waste volumes.