Oil Spill Kits

Our range of oil spill kits offer you the best solution for any oil, fuel or hydrocarbon spills. Being oil selective, these kits will leave water and non-oil based fluids and select oils, fuels etc. Packed with high quality superior absorbents, this range of kits comes in sizes ranging from 15-900 litres, and each spill kit is packed with a range of pads, socks, and with larger kits pillows and booms. Appropriate waste disposal bags are also provided, complete with cable ties. Oil spill kits are intended to be used in emergencies, as opposed to every day spills.

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FAQs for Oil Spill Kits

How to Use an Oil Spill Kit:

Using an oil spill kit depends on the specific spill situation. Typically, absorbent pads and rolls are utilized to soak up most of the spilled oil, while socks are placed around the spill to contain and prevent further spread. Our oil absorbent pads and rolls are hydrophobic, meaning they repel water, making them effective for absorbing oil spills in ponds, streams, or rivers and when exposed to rain.

What Should Be Included in an Oil Spill Kit?

An oil spill kit should, at minimum, contain absorbent pads and socks. Pads are essential for absorbing the bulk of the oil, while socks are crucial for containing the spill and preventing its spread. Additionally, a waste disposal bag should be included for proper disposal of used absorbents. Larger spill kits may include a variety of spill absorbents such as pillows and booms, along with accessories like hazard signs and drum putty seals.

What Are the Three Types of Spill Kits?

Spill kits are available for various applications, with the three most common types being oil spill kits, chemical spill kits, and maintenance (general purpose) spill kits. The type of spill kit required depends on the types of liquids handled by the business or workplace.

Oil spill kits are essential for environments dealing with oil and fuel, whether indoors or outdoors, due to the potential environmental impact of oil spills.

Chemical spill kits are necessary for businesses handling hazardous chemicals, as chemical spills pose significant risks to personnel and require specialized cleanup procedures.

Maintenance spill kits, on the other hand, are versatile and widely used in factories, garages, and workshops for general spill cleanup needs, both indoors and outdoors under dry conditions.

Is a Spill Kit a Legal Requirement?

According to UK regulations, businesses handling oil, chemicals, or any hazardous liquids must have adequate measures in place for spill prevention and control. Spill kits, along with other spill control equipment such as bunds and storage cabinets, are essential components of a compliant spill control system, ensuring that businesses meet legal requirements while minimizing environmental impact and ensuring workplace safety.

For more information and advice on spill control regulations, visit the environment agencies: