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1500mm D Turf Care System

Product Code: DMF

£632.40 (ex. VAT)

£758.88 (inc. VAT)

UK Mainland Delivery: £54.00 + VAT
Delivery: 2-3 weeks

Available Options (prices ex. VAT)

Hollow Tine Attachment (DHTC):

Deep Mounted Aerator (DAM):

Deep Mounted Slitter (DSM):

DSM w/ Removable Tines (DMS2):


The D Turf Care System is ideal for use on paddocks, football pitches, golf courses, race tracks, and other large grassy areas in need of some care.

With this system, you can apply all major treatments to grass area's, including the attachment of aerators, slitters, dethatchers, and other vital parts which make it look perfect or grow perfect, which are ways to allow water and air to access the roots more efficiently.

With a category 1 three point links, this product is primarily made for attachment to a tractor, however other choices of links can be arranged on request. A weight tray is part of the frame, allowing you to apply ballast tanks upto the weight of 250kg, which will allow different levels of penetration to the grassed area, depending on your preference.

This tray can also be used for the transportation of tools, making your job much easier if tools are required throughout the site, stopping the cluttering of your personal space in the vehicle.

The D Turf Care System comes with a rear mesh guard cover for safety purposes, a roller behind the mesh guard to push back plucked divots without affecting the penetrated area's, and a scraper bar is attached to the far rear.

Attachments available:

Hollow Tine Corer Attachment (DHTC) - This attachment bolts onto the carrier frame inside of the cage, the same way as the aerator and slitter, and due to the revolving discs being fitted with hollow spoon tines, the attachment can penetrate the soil and remove cores of 75mm in depth. This allows air and water to access the roots much faster, and if filled with sand by applying lawn sand, it will optimise the root system to take in as much as possible and more efficiently. The roller is removed when using this attachment.

Mounted Deep Aerator Attachment (DAM) - With nine discs made specifically for aeration, attached onto a 50mm steel axle bearing, allowing it to easily bolt to the carrier frame, with a max penetration of 180mm in the correct conditions.

Mounted Deep Slitter Attachment (DSM) - With nine heavy duty slitter stars made specifically for slitting through soil, attached onto a 50mm steel axle bearing, allowing it to easily bolt to the carrier frame, with a max penetration of 125mm in the correct conditions, with the ability to add extra weight if required.

Deep Mounted Slitter With Replaceable Tines Attachment (DSM2) - This attachment comes with slender hardened blades with knife edges, which allows it to enter and leave the soil cleanly without making any turf tearing or plucking. These blades can be replaced with others when needed, as you simply remove the bolts to release the blades, and bolt new ones on. There are 5 blades on each disc, and a total of 9 discs altogether.