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2 Metre Titan Red Barrier

Product Code: KBA073-000-600

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This product has a minimum quantity of 2

The Titan Barrier has undergone all of the necessary modifications to meet proposed NRSWA requirements effecting wind stability and is a well-recognised and established choice due to it being excellent quality and having a multitude of features.

Materials – The Titan is made as a one piece injection moulded design and is made from virgin Polypropylene offering sub-zero and 2 year colour fastness properties. It is also 100% metal free and fully recyclable.

Reflective Panel – The fully reflective panel meets EN12899-2 requirements.

Water and Airflow Apertures – The Titan has been designed with additional apertures for water egress and increased airflow to maximise stability.

SURELOCK QR Clips – These clips allow you to connect multiple barriers together and are usable not only on the Titan Barrier, but also with other brands of barrier too.

Stable Feet – The feet provide excellent grip ensuring they don’t fall or get blown over and the quality ensures that you don’t have to purchase spares.

Stacking – The design of the Titan allows you to stack them very easily, making them easier to move or store.

Branding – There is a large space for you to apply your own branding to the barrier, either through hot-foil or embossing, allowing the barrier to be identified as belonging to a company

Toggles – Branding/courtesy boards can be attached using easy to lock and unlock toggles.


Durability – Each production batch of barriers are tested for durability and robustness and to prove that the material is up to the required specification. They are left for a minimum of 12 hours then a 4000kg forklift truck is slowly driven over the barrier. During this test the barrier does not break, crack, split or parts come away.

Stability – The balance point of the Titan is 45°, meaning any angle below this, the barrier will move back into the upright position.

Pull Test - A spring is placed onto the top centre of the barrier, to see what force is required to pull it over. For the single barrier it is approx. >3.2Kg, however when 3 barrier systems are linked together, this rises to >7.5Kg.

Optional Extras

Surefoot Bloc

The Surefoot Bloc can be put over the feet of a Titan Barrier to add extra weight more effectively than alternative methods such as using sandbags. They can also be used as a weighted anchor using one of its carry handles to accept the telescopic Surepole stability poles and joining it to the barrier.


The Surepole telescopic stability poles can be added to the Titan barrier to increase wind stability by bracing two barriers together or attaching it to a Surefoot Bloc. When fitted correctly, the stability poles ensure the barrier system meets BS8442 wind classes B and C.