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Antibacterial Sanitiser Hand Soap - 5 Litre - Pack of 2


Capacity - Litres 5
Product Code: ABS5L

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£41.99 (inc. VAT)

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Capacity - Litres 5

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Supplied in 5-litre containers, this food-grade Antibacterial Sanitiser Hand Soap is ideal for the food industry or topping up hand wash dispensers in shower areas and washrooms in the likes of offices, factories, hotels, airports and schools. It provides enhanced protection against the spread of infectious diseases by killing 99.9% of bacteria, leaving hands hygienically clean.

This odourless white solution also contains excellent moisturising properties to allow the user to frequently use the soap without their hands drying out, resulting in them feeling sanitised and fresh. This product is also free from solvents and harsh chemicals, as well as helping to protect against skin infections.


  • Antibacterial Sanitiser Hand Soap - supplied in 5-litre bottles
  • Pack of 2
  • Food-graded - ideal for the food and catering industries
  • Practical solution for topping up hand wash dispensers in high-traffic areas
  • Designed for regular use in workplaces, commercial kitchens, factories, etc
  • Enhanced protection against bacterial and viral infections
  • Kills 99.9% of germs
  • Enriched with moisturisers - will not dry out hands
  • Odourless white solution
  • Free from solvents and harsh chemicals
  • Protects against skin infections
  • Pelican Pumps available to buy separately for direct and economical dispensing from the container (See Related Products)

Pelican pumps are also available to buy separately which enable accurate, direct and economical dispensing of the hand soap.

The Pelican Pump securely screws to the top of the container, with a single pump dispensing 30ml of liquid. This makes it practical for filtering into smaller containers as it minimises spills to keep areas clean, safe and free from spillages.

How To Apply

Wet hands, dispense a small amount of soap onto hands, wash thoroughly, rinse and dry carefully.

Please Note: Use Hand Sanitiser Hand Soap safely. Always read the label and product information before use.