Ground Protection Mats

Ground protection mats and temporary access mats are a solution to provide short and short-term access for small and large plants and machinery while protecting the ground. Not only are they a great way to protect grass areas and other sensitive grounds, but ground protection mats are a cost-effective solution.

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Protect soft and sensitive ground from vehicles with ground protection mats

At Kingfisher Direct, we know that temporary access and ground protection mats are an essential part of many industries. Our extensive range of ground protection and temporary road mats allows you to provide access to vehicles, machinery and pedestrians while minimising the risk of property, heritage and environmental damage.

Why choose our ground protection mats?

Heavy duty

Our ground mats and temporary road mats are made from rugged materials, ensuring both durability and the ability to support the weight of vehicles, machinery, and other equipment. These mats provide a heavy-duty solution for various applications, offering reliable support in different settings.

Versatile solutions

Whether used as groundwork spoil boards, temporary roadways or pedestrian walkways, these mats are essential in the construction, civil engineering, and groundwork industries. They can also be used in the festivals and outdoor events sector.

Non-slip solutions

Some of our mats are equipped with a non-slip surface, greatly improving grip and reducing the risk of slipping, even in challenging weather or ground conditions. This feature not only enhances safety but improves the reliability of our ground mats in a range of environments.

Easy to install

Although our access mats are heavy-duty, they boast a lightweight design that not only reduces transport costs but also facilitates quick and easy installation. This combination of durability and portability enhances cost efficiency and easy setup, making these mats a practical choice for various applications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do ground protection mats work?

Yes, ground protection mats do work! These mats can be used to provide access to vehicles, machinery and pedestrians all while protecting the ground beneath. Plus, ground mats are durable, offering reliable solutions for both short and long-term projects.  

How long do ground protection mats last?

Ground protection mats are crafted from rugged materials, making them an extremely durable solution. In particular, our range of EuroTrak mats are a superior alternative to plywood as they will not warp, rot, crack, deliminate or absorb harmful chemicals.