Mortar Tubs

Our range of plastic mortar tubs come in a variety of size and lifting choices. Built to last, all of these sturdy mortar tubs are moulded for maximum strength and designed for heavy duty use. Whether you need them to be crane lift or forklift mortar tubs, 250 litres or 500 litres, you're sure to find your perfect mortar mixing tub here.

We also have a brilliant accessory which makes your tubs last longer and makes cleaning them quicker. Check out our high quality mortar tub liners, for additional information.

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Mortar tubs designed to easily handle and store sand and cement
At Kingfisher Direct, we understand the importance of efficient mortar mixing and transportation in achieving quality results. We stock a range of high-quality mortar tubs designed to simplify and enhance your construction and masonry projects. To make your tubs last longer and make cleaning them quicker, check out our high-quality mortar tub liners.

Why choose our cement and mortar tubs?
Heavy-duty construction
Our range of cement and mortar tubs is built with a focus on heavy-duty construction, making them ideal for withstanding the most challenging conditions at construction sites.

Variety of sizes
Whether you need small mortar tubs for tight spaces or large-capacity tubs for high-demand projects, we offer a wide range of sizes to match your specific construction requirements.

Easy transportation
Designed with mobility in mind, our mortar tubs are equipped with enclosed channels at the base and strategically positioned handles. These elements support the effortless transportation of cement and mortar using forklifts and cranes, resulting in enhanced efficiency and reduced physical strain.

Stackable design
Our mortar tubs are stackable, optimising storage space when not in use and streamlining transportation to and from the construction site.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. What is a mortar tub, and what is its primary purpose?
A mortar tub is a specialised container designed for the convenient mixing, transport, and application of cement, mortar, and other construction materials. It plays a crucial role in construction projects.

2. Are your mortar tubs suitable for use with specific materials?
Yes, our mortar tubs are compatible with a wide range of construction materials, including cement, mortar, mud and concrete.

3. Are your mortar tubs stackable?
Yes, our mortar tubs are designed to be stackable, which helps optimise storage space when not in use and simplifies transportation to and from construction sites.

4. What sizes of mortar tubs are available?
We offer a variety of sizes to match the specific demands of your construction projects, from smaller 250-litre mortar tubs to larger 333-litre tubs.