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Cemo Battery-Operated Spray Caddy - 60 Litre

Sprayer Specifications

Length - mm 900
Width - mm 520
Height - mm 37
Capacity - Litres 60
Weight (Empty) - kg 15
Product Code: 11359

£675.00 (ex. VAT)

£810.00 (inc. VAT)

UK Mainland Delivery: £20.00 + VAT
Delivery: 2-3 working days

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Add a Spare Battery:

BAC 5 Antibacterial & Antiviral Surface Disinfectant:

Sychem Control Surface Cleaner & Disinfectant:

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Sprayer Specifications

Length - mm 900
Width - mm 520
Height - mm 37
Capacity - Litres 60
Weight (Empty) - kg 15

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The built-in battery of this CEMO Spray Caddy enables the likes of landscapers, cleaners and caretakers to work with unrestricted freedom of movement as there is no requirement to keep the device plugged in, including in places with no power supply.

It provides a user-friendly and flexible solution for regular, large-scale disinfection of internal spaces and high-touch surfaces in schools, hotels, hospitals, etcIt’s ready to use once it has been filled with a suitable liquid disinfectant, such as our BAC 5 Antibacterial & Antiviral Surface Disinfectant or Sychem Control Surface Cleaner & Disinfectant (both available as optional add-ons). 

Suitable for use all year round, it is also practical for spraying crops, killing weeds, applying liquid de-icer, and general turf and lawn maintenance.

It features a 12V pump with a 100% duty cycle, meaning the pump will work at full speed, constantly being powered on. The generous 60-litre capacity makes it practical to be used for long periods of time without the need to replenish the solution.


  • CEMO Battery-Operated Spray Caddy
  • 60 litre capacity
  • LiFePO4 battery with charger
  • Suitable for commercial disinfections with a flashpoint higher than 55°C 
  • Offers excellent flexibility and unrestricted freedom of movement
  • Can be used all year round
  • 12V pump with 100% duty cycle
  • Quickly and efficiently disinfects internal spaces to prevent the spread of bacteria and infection
  • Ideal for spraying crops, applying liquid de-icer, and general turf and lawn maintenance
  • Versatile for a range of locations - golf courses, gymnasiums, hospitals, public gardens, schools, etc
  • Constant spray pressure for uniform, low-mist spraying – flow rate can be regulated
  • Rechargeable battery capacity (3.3 Ah) - sufficient for approx. 60L (with no. 3 nozzle)
  • 8m reinforced PVC hose
  • Spray lance with two different flat flan nozzles
  • Flat fan nozzle no.2 - spraying angle 110° (Approx. 800ml per minute flow rate)
  • Flat fan nozzle no. 3 - spraying angle 110° (Approx. 1150ml per minute flow rate)
  • 2 different types of surface disinfectant available as optional add-ons
  • Option to add a spare battery

The eight-metre reinforced PVC hose is abrasion and chemical resistant, and designed to offer excellent flow rates and reliability when at high working pressures.

This product comes with supplied with two different flat fan nozzles which feature an overlapping spray pattern for efficient area coverage, as well as contrasting flow rates to suit the specific application. A high capacity, lightweight LiFePO4 battery (3.3 Ah) is also included, along with a charger.

It is also suitable for removing any harmful bacteria from machinery in manufacturing facilities and other industrial premises between shift changes.

Please Note: This product is suitable for commercial disinfections with a flashpoint higher than 55°C.