Metal Litter Bins

We have a great selection of metal litter bins designed for use both indoors and outdoor areas including town and city centres, parks, recreational areas, sports arenas and stadiums. In addition to our standard customisable bins, we also stock council-maintained bins which are vandal-resistant and built to last.

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Keep spaces clean with our range of metal litter bins and recycling bins

At Kingfisher Direct, we know that convenient and reliable waste management solutions are essential for keeping public spaces clean. Our range of high-quality metal litter bins are manufactured from durable materials including stainless steel and galvanised steel making them suitable for outdoor areas. Encourage people to dispose of their litter and recycling responsibly with our vast range of customisable metal litter bins.

Why choose our metal waste bins?

Suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor environments

Our extensive range of metal waste bins are designed for use both indoors and in outdoor environments. From lidded swing bins and pedal bins to open-top metal bins available in a variety of configurations, there is a bin for you.

Styles for every environment

We stock a range of styles including free-standing, post-mountable, wall-mountable, pedal metal bins, hooded metal bins and open-top metal bins, all designed to blend in seamlessly with the aesthetic of your environment.

A range of capacity options

Whether you require a small capacity bin for more compact areas or you're looking for a large capacity metal bin for high-traffic areas, we have you covered. Our vast selection of metal waste bins are designed to meet a range of waste management requirements.

Durability and reliability

Crafted from durable materials and finishes, our metal bins are suitable for the most challenging of environments. Our high-quality steel bins are vandal-resistant, making them a popular choice with councils and local authorities who seek extra durability and longevity.

Customisable to your needs

Many of our metal bins are available in a range of finishes, colours and designs which can be customised with optional vinyl stickers or laser-cut artwork according to your waste management needs. Additional accessories can also be added to your order including durable metal bin liners and DeoBin odour-absorbing bin patches which are ideal if you intend to use your bin in indoor environments.

Frequently asked questions

Are stainless steel bins good?

Stainless steel bins are highly durable compared to their plastic counterparts and are capable of withstanding fire, water, puncturing and extreme temperatures. Stainless steel is a highly durable material, making it a suitable material for bins located in high-traffic public areas.

Is a metal bin better than a plastic bin?

Metal waste bins have many advantages over plastic bins. Metal is considerably more durable than plastic, making metal bins better suited to outdoor public areas. They also have a relatively long lifespan and provide better resistance to odours helping to reduce maintenance and making them a better long-term investment.

Do stainless steel bins rust?

Although stainless steel does rust, it rusts more slowly than other metals. Many of our steel bins have been treated with a rust-resistant coating for extra protection, meaning that they require less maintenance.