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Elite Grass Grid Type 3 - 490mm x 490mm x 50mm

Mat Specification

Length (mm) 490
Width (mm) 490
Thickness (mm) 50
Weight (kg) 1.15 per grid
Max Bearing Power (ton) 500+ per sqm
Product Code: EGRG-49049040105-3

£15.15 (ex. VAT) Price displayed is per sqm

£18.18 (inc. VAT)

51 or more £14.28 (ex. VAT)
151 or more £14.42 (ex. VAT)
301 or more £14.03 (ex. VAT)
501 or more £13.41 (ex. VAT)
UK Mainland Delivery: £55 (per 50 sqm) + VAT
Delivery: 4-5 working days

Mat Specification

Length (mm) 490
Width (mm) 490
Thickness (mm) 50
Weight (kg) 1.15 per grid
Max Bearing Power (ton) 500+ per sqm

Price per sqm (4.4 tiles per sqm)

Designed for heavy-duty and industrial uses, Elite Grass Grid Type 3 is a unique and innovative product which is used to strengthen and increase the stability of soil, it also has the benefit of providing excellent drainage for rain water.

The unique “geometric” design of the grids allows the dispersion and drainage of excess rain and flood water and can be ideal when integrated into Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) and in areas prone to flooding.


  • Max weight 500+ tonnes
  • Heavy duty matting
  • Made from High Quality 100% High Density Polyethylene
  • Lightweight yet strong and durable design – Unique “geometric” design
  • Can be stored and transported easily and effectively
  • Unique design which allows water to disperse and allows grass growth in all directions
  • Linkable – 8 joining latches
  • Standard colour of green
  • Can be secured to the ground – 4 anchoring pins
  • UV Stabilized and unaffected by the weather

Elite Grass Grid is manufactured from high quality 100% recycled PP/PE and features a simple latch design enabling each grid to be connected together quickly and efficiently.

As a substitute for paving stones, asphalt and concrete, Elite Grass Grid provides a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution for both home owners and contractors. Once installed it can then be filled and finished with a choice of mixtures ranging from pea shingle, decorative stone, or if required a soil and grass seed mix.

Unlike other products on the market the open design of the grid also allows grass to grow both vertically and horizontally. It’s advised that care be taken in the initial ground preparation before Elite Grass Grid is installed, this will ensure a perfect finish at the end of the project.