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JSP Jetstream® Dust Constructor Kit with Rechargeable Respirator

Product Code: CBP020-000-000

£656.78 (ex. VAT)

£788.14 (inc. VAT)

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The Jetstream® Dust Constructor Kit includes the following:

  • Mk®7 Safety Helmet complete with sealed polycarbonate visor
  • Flexible hose
  • A2PSL dust filter
  • Flow meter
  • Rechargeable battery with charger
  • Multi-region plug adaptor
  • Carry case

This Jetstream® Dust Constructor Kit contains everything you need to deliver clean air in construction and industrial applications such as welding, engineering and stonemasonry.

The large capacity disposable filter supplies 180 litres of clear air per minute through a highly flexible reinforced hose to the desired head top unit, whilst reducing dust from the air before it is inhaled by workers.

It offers an assigned protection factor (APF) of 20 x Workplace Exposure Limit (WEL) for very fine dusts, fibres, fumes and aqueous mists.


  • Delivers 180 litres of clean air per minute
  • Comfortable, integrated protection against fine dusts, fibres, fumes and aqueous mists
  • Ideal for construction and industrial applications - stonemasonry, engineering, etc
  • Belt-mounted rechargeable respirator
  • APF20 rating
  • Highly flexible reinforced hose
  • Lightweight design - complete unit and belt weighs just 765g
  • Fully automatic alarm and integrated battery
  • Fully approved unit to EN12941:1999

Lightweight for maximum comfort, the complete unit and belt weighs just 765g. The belt-mounted rechargeable respirator enables cost-effective use and is also fitted with a fully automatic alarm.

The Mk®7 Safety Helmet comes complete with a sealed polycarbonate visor for outstanding impact strength and excellent optical clarity.

A carry case is included for convenient storage and easy transportation between areas of a workplace.