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Sorrel Roller 915mm

Product Code: SSR36


UK Mainland Delivery: £54.00 + VAT
Delivery: 2-3 weeks

The Sorrel Roller 915mm is made for use on fine turf surface, such as bowl greens, cricket squares, tennis courts, etc.

The multi toothed drums with limited penetration allow you to penetrate the the turf and lower the surface compaction, allowing nutrients and air to reach the root system, when flood watering takes place, it gains access to the roots very fast.

A smaller roller is also included with every unit, to help remove small bumps, as well as the design of the roller making it much easier to transport from the shed to the lawn.

If the spikes start to wear away, they can be replaced


Number of tines per 48kg drum weight: 56.

Roller diameter without tines: 200mm.

915mm with a weight of 144kg.

Tine penetration: 63mm.