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Spill Aid Caddy Kit - 5 Litre


Height - mm 660
Length - mm 280
Width - mm 320
Weight - kg 3

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Product Code: U3090050

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Height - mm 660
Length - mm 280
Width - mm 320
Weight - kg 3

Our Spill Aid Power Absorber is a fast acting absorbent for all spills from chemicals to oil.

It leaves surfaces dry and safe to walk or work on in seconds.

Just pour Spill Aid onto the spill and brush in.

It is then brushed up leaving the surface perfectly dry with no residue.

One of the most difficult spills to deal with is where glass has been broken. This is always a potentially dangerous situation as the glass must be picked up then the spill dealt with.

With our Spill Aid, you simply pour it over, brush in and brush up both the liquid and glass.

This is both safe and efficient.

Spill Aid granules are ideal for use in supermarkets, highway maintenance, garages, laboratories, hospitals or anyways a liquid spill has occurred on land.

It will absorb oil, diesel, petrol, acids (not hydrofluoric acid), alkalis, paints, polymers, solvents, pesticides, herbicides, beverages, kitchen spills, human and animal wastes, blood, vomit, urine and many more liquids and semi-liquids.

Kit Contents:

x1 Spill Aid - 5 Litre
x2 Gloves
x1 Plastic Dustpan and Brush
x2 Goggles
x2 Waste Bags
2x Cable Ties