Our Guide To – Spill Control Products

Our Guide To – Spill Control Products
20 April 2016 105 view(s) 3 min read
Our Guide To – Spill Control Products

We offer a range of spill control products to suit every need, from large scale oil spills to small chemical spills. Here’s our guide to the key product ranges and terminology used in the spill industry.

Spill Products – Colour Coding

The most important thing to look at when buying spill products is the colour of the product as it indicates what type of spill the product is suitable for.

If you’re cleaning up an oil spill, you will need a white colour coded product. These are created with hydrophobic polymers, meaning they won’t absorb water but will absorb oil. This is ideal for a situation where oil is on the surface of water and needs to be absorbed seperately.

For chemicals and acids, you need to use a yellow colour coded product. These are designed to absorb agressive chemicals and not disintegrate when being used. It is important to note that these will not neutralise the chemicals and so need to be disposed of safely.

For non-aggressive oil and water-based fluids, a black colour coded product would be suitable.

Spill Colours

Absorbent Pads

Absorbent Pads

When placed on a spill, absorbent pads will soak up the liquid and can then be collected and correctly disposed of. These are ideal for taking on the go as they can easily be stored and transported for cleaning up small spills. They can also be placed around machinery to instantly protect against spills should one occur. Our pads are specifically designed to have as little lint as possible so clean environments and precision parts will not get contaminated.

Absorbent Rolls

Absorbent Rolls

Absorbent rolls are perfect for wrapping around piping that may leak. Machines that have cutting fluid often leak out, with a roll wrapped around it the leak will be contained within the fibres of the roll, preventing it from spilling further. Rolls can also be used in the same way as pads to clean up spills. When placed inside a spill station these are a quick solution to smaller spills.

Absorbent Socks

Absorbent Socks />
<p>Absorbent socks are designed to be placed around a spill to keep it contained within an area. Once a sock has been placed around a spill,pads are used to absorb the contained liquid. There are various lengths of socks, what you need depends on the size of the spills you may encounter.</p>
<h2>Absorbent Pillows</h2>
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Absorbent pillows are best used when liquid have pooled into an area. Placing a pillow will soak up the liquid and you can use pads to clean up the rest. Pillows are bulkier then pads so are best stored in a spill station.

Absorbent Granules

Absorbent Granules

These are best used with thicker liquids such as paint as they will clump up and absorb some of the liquid. You should avoid using granules for chemical spills as they are heavy to begin with and so will increase the cost of disposal.

Plant Nappy's

Plant Nappies

Plant Nappy’s are one of our most popular spill containment products as they offer a complete oil cleanup and containment solution. When a spill happens inside a Plant Nappy, the oil will be contained within its walls whilst any water will filter away, preventing the nappy from filling up and overflowing. Adding a liner to the plant nappy allows you to drain the liner and reuse it, however, it will not absorb as much after. These are ideal for placing machinery inside as they can be driven into without compromising their effectiveness.

Spill Kit or Spill Station?

Spill Kit

Spill kits are designed to be used in an emergency where spills don’t normally occur. They are usually placed in high traffic areas and include everything you need to handle a small spill. For one time use, these are perfect. In areas where spills are more likely to occur, such as around large tanks, a spill station is best suited. Spill stations can be personalised with the absorbents you need and can be replensihed after they have been used.

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