Rubbish & Rubble Chutes

Our rubbish chutes (sometimes known as a scaffold chute or rubbish shoot) provide a safe and easy way to remove waste from a demolition or construction site into a container without having to strain yourself or put others at risk. Used on construction and demolition sites up and down the country, our rubble chutes come in handy when working on multiple floors or at height. We stock and supply multiple sizes to suit almost any requirement, from 20 inch diameter chutes to 30 inch.

We also have a range of fixing frames and linking chains, which allow you to create a chute as long as you need.

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Rubble and rubbish chutes designed to safely transfer debris

At Kingfisher Direct, we understand the importance of efficient waste management on job sites. We stock a range of high-quality rubbish and rubble chutes designed to simplify and streamline waste disposal in construction and renovation projects.

Why choose our rubbish and rubble chutes?

Safety and ease of use
Our rubble chutes provide a secure and convenient method to remove waste materials from construction or demolition sites. They eliminate the need for strenuous manual labour and reduce the risk of accidents associated with carrying debris down multiple floors or heights.

Extendable chutes
To provide even greater flexibility, we offer a range of fixing frames and linking chains. These components allow you to create a chute as long as you need, accommodating the unique layout and scale of your project.

Enhance job site efficiency
Our scaffold chutes significantly improve the efficiency of your construction or demolition project. They expedite the removal of debris, reduce downtime associated with waste disposal, and contribute to a more organised and productive job site.

Durability and reliability
Crafted from high-quality materials, our chutes are built to withstand the rigours of construction sites, ensuring long-lasting performance and cost-effectiveness.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a rubble chute, and how does it work?
A rubble chute is a vertical or inclined tube designed for the safe and efficient removal of construction and demolition waste from elevated levels to a container at ground level. They provide a controlled and secure channel for waste disposal.

2. Why should I use a rubble chute on my construction or demolition site?
Rubble chutes simplify waste removal, reduce the risk of injuries from manual handling, and streamline project efficiency. They are a safe and cost-effective solution for disposing of debris from heights.

3. What sizes of rubble chutes are available?
We offer rubble chutes in various sizes, including 20-inch and 30-inch diameter chutes. The choice of size depends on your specific project requirements.

4. Can I extend the length of the chute to suit my project's needs?
Yes, we provide fixing frames and linking chains that allow you to create a chute of the desired length. This flexibility accommodates the unique layout and scale of your project.