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Our range of rubber cable protectors and covers reduce the risk of pedestrians tripping, as well as prevent damage to cables and pipes that need to be laid across roads, pavements or walkways in offices and warehouses.

The low-profile cable protector is ideal for use in offices, black and yellow industrial cable protectors for warehouses and heavy duty cable protector ramp for outdoor use where heavy vehicles are in use. We even offer an electric car charging cable protector.

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Traffic-Line Hose and Cable Protector Ramp - 1200mm Length
Traffic-Line Hose and Cable Protector Ramp - 1200mm Length
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What is the benefit of a Cable Protector?

A cable protector is a rubber or plastic cover that protects all types of cables, cords and hoses from vehicle and foot traffic. They also reduce the risk of pedestrians tripping over cables. They are commonly found in warehouses, offices and other workplaces. Another benefit is they can be used as cable management, keeping your workplace organised.

A car driving over a black and yellow heavy-duty cable protector.

How do Cable Protectors work?

Cable protectors (or cable covers) are a simple device that covers the top of cables, distributing the weight of anything or anyone moving over it. Small rubber cable covers are often used for pedestrians. There are also heavy duty, hard plastic cable covers which are ideal for construction sites or farms as they can hold the weight of a vehicle. They prevent trips, as they stop cables getting wrapped around your feet.

Which Cable Protector should I choose?

There are a few things to consider when choosing which cable cover to pick. Firstly, is the size of the cables or hoses you are coving. The channel sizes on all our cable covers are displayed clearly in the description or image gallery.

Second to consider is where you are using it, and what will be travelling over it. If it's in an office, with low foot traffic, our low profile cable protectors will be ideal. If in a factory with heavy foot traffic and pallet trucks, our rubber black and yellow cable covers are perfect. When outside with heavy vehicle traffic, our heavy-duty plastic or rubber cable covers or ramps are suitable.

Can I use a Cable Protector when charging my EV?

You should search your local council's website, or contact them for advice on how to best charge your electric vehicle when it's parked on the road.

A third of households in England do not have off-street parking at their homes. This means some people have no choice but to lay their EV charging cable over a public pavement. In this case, we think it is vital to use a cable cover or ramp. Most importantly, it will reduce the risk of pedestrians tripping over your cable.