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1220mm Grass Care System

Product Code: F48T

The 1220mm Grass Care System (F48T) is a great addition to any lawn, with a width of 1220mm it gets the job done fast, and isn't attached to the...

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£395.76 (ex. VAT)

£474.91 (inc. VAT)

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Delivery: 2-3 weeks

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Mounted Frame (F48M):

Hollow Tine Attachment (HT48):

Slitter Attachment (S48):

Aerator Attachment:

Dethatcher Attachment (D48):

Arena Maintenance (AM48):

Roller Attachment (R48):

Sorrel Roller Attachment (SR48):

Brush Attachment (B48):

Levelling Lute Attachment (L48):

Power Sprayer Attachment (SP48):


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The 1220mm Grass Care System (F48T) is a great addition to any lawn, with a width of 1220mm it gets the job done fast, and isn't attached to the roller like the lawn care system so you can fertilise or apply weed killer without applying pressure to the grass, if you choose to add the appropriate attachments.

The frame is made up of a tow bar, a weight tray, three 25 litre ballast tanks and two transport and depth control wheels, adjustable by winding the jacklegs up or down, with the tow bar being height adjustable.

The 1220mm Grass care system can also have a 50mm ball hitch rather than a clevis hitch, depending on your preference, and a draw pin is supplied with the Grass Care system.

The Grass Care System comes with a large range of additional options which can be purchased along side the product, as you may only want the Grass Care System for two purposes so we see no need for you to buy all of the parts.

Mounted Frame Alternative (F48M) - You can choose for the frame to be mounted rather than towed, with the ability to attach the frame to a tractor with category I three point linkage fittings, however we can offer other options of fittings if required. This option also allows you to change back to the use of a tow bar option easily when required, so you have the choice of both depending on the vehicles being used. Overall width: 1750mm (69"), ballasted weight: from 60kg, ballasted weight: 135kg.

Hollow Tine Corer Attachment (HT48) - The hollow tine corer allows you to make small holes in the dirt by removing small circles of turf, which are then released when the next circle of turf is collected, allowing watering to take effect much easier and thus allowing the grass to grow better, and also allowing weed killers or fertilisers to penetrate the soil easier and to take effect faster. No. of tines per disc: 4, no. of disc's: 8, maximum core depth: 75mm, working width: 1220 (48").

Slitter Attachment (S48) - The slitter's allow you to cut into the earth to allow water to enter the earth much easier to allow growth of grass and prevent growth of thatch and moss. also allows easier entry for weed killers or fertilisers. With the ballast tanks (all 3) full, there will be much more pressure applied to the ground creating a much better outcome, the best effect will occur during late spring and wet summers as this is when it can penetrate the earth best.

Aerator Attachment (A48) - The aerator is more effective during the autumn, and is used to penetrate the soil, allowing easy drainage and allowing air to gain access to the grass and its roots for a better growth. Ballasted weight with water: 150kg.

Dethatcher Attachment(D48) - Attaches to the bottom of the Grass Care System and is essentially made from four rows of staggered shock coiled tines which help to remove heavily matted grass and allows grass to grow to a healthier and higher standard. It can also be used in various area's simply to clear away mess and dirt from the flooring area, such as the gravel on a gravel path, and hay in a horse arena, making it look much better. The transport wheels are a great part of the product allowing easy transport from one place to another. Ballasted weight: 167kg.

Arena Maintenance Attachment (AM48) - The arena maintenance attachment is design to freshen up the grassed area, using one row of spring tines to tease through the surface and break up the surface pan, and a level bar to make sure the grass is all level as it goes over the top. The wheels can also be trailed on the surface so that there is less drag and so a light/faster finish can be achieved.

Roller Attachment (R48) - The roller applies pressure to the grass to firm it up ready for heavy growth during the spring. Diameter 360mm (8"), Ballasted weight with water: 150kg.

Sorrel Roller Attachment (SR48) - The sorrel roller is designed for breaking up the crust that sometimes develops on grassy areas, causing the roots to struggle to get water and oxygen and essential nutrients for growth. Roller Diameter: 200mm (8"), Tine Penetration: 63mm (2 and a half), number of tines: 224, weight: 32kg.

Brush Attachment (B48) - The stiff brushes are primarily in two rows, and brushes in lawn toppings lawn sand, as well as giving you the stripped effect which a lot of people prefer and enjoy the look of, and it can also be used on artificial playing surfaces.

Levelling Lute Attachment (L48) - The levelling lute can be used to ensure that the ground level is equal throughout the whole of it, using it to establish a single level by spreading the soil over the rest of the field/land. It can also be used to level gravel on a path, and can be used to level mole hills.

Power Sprayer Attachment (SP48) - This is an excellent attachment allowing you to move around your lawn and easily apply weed killers, fertilisers, or other chemicals of your choice, The sprayer is powered by the engine of the tractor using a 12 volt power sprayer pump. The hand lance allows you to specifically target area's of your garden for quality application of insecticides, herbicides, weed killers, etc.Tank capacity: 70 Litres (50 Gallons), Spraying width: 1900mm (75"), Pump delivery: 6.8 I/m (max).