Lithium Battery Storage Cabinets

Protect your business from battery fires by keeping your lithium-ion batteries in a fire-safe storage cabinet. Specifically for lithium battery storage, our range of cabinets offers up to 60 minutes of fire protection meaning you can store and charge batteries and other electricals securely. Buy online with Kingfisher Direct or call us on 01777 858009 if you have any questions.

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Why choose our fire-safe battery storage cabinets?

We have a variety of sizes and shapes of lithium battery storage cabinets that provide a robust and dependable energy storage solution tailored to your business needs.

When you buy a battery cabinet from Kingfisher Direct, you are getting more than just a steel locker. Our lithium battery safety cabinets are designed to give you security and peace of mind in your business premises.

Benefits of fireproof lithium battery cabinets

  • Fire safety benefits - our battery cabinets contain smoke detectors with a warning alarm plus fireproof door seals to alert you to a fire and contain it for longer.
  • Extra security - our range of battery cabinets has been designed with three-point lockable doors to make it harder to break into.
  • Better storage solutions - one size doesn't fit all. Browse our range and discover stackable cabinets and secure battery lockers of various sizes and configurations. From tall to tabletop, we have got you covered.
  • Charge multiple devices - charge multiple batteries at once with an in-built four-socket power strip.
  • Optional extras available - add a set of wheels to make your battery storage solution more mobile, cable ducts or ventilation options based on your individual set-up.

Frequently asked questions about lithium-ion battery storage

What can be stored in lithium battery cabinets?

You can store lithium-ion batteries in a specialist cabinet or you can store items that contain this type of battery.

What are the optimum storage conditions for batteries?

Lithium-ion batteries should be stored out of direct sunlight and at cool temperatures, ideally in a well-ventilated cabinet or temperature-controlled room away from heat or ignition sources.

Who needs to buy specialist battery storage?

If you need to store and charge lithium batteries on your business premises then a lithium battery storage cabinet is a great solution from a fire prevention standpoint as well as against theft.

Is there only a fire hazard for lithium-ion batteries when they are charging?

Charging lithium-ion batteries does carry a slightly higher risk of a battery fire. Li-ion batteries are safe when used according to their instructions but present a fire risk when over-charged, short-circuited, submerged in water or damaged which is why appropriate storage, care and monitoring is advised.