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Apollo Ultrasonic Tank Level Gauge

Product Code: AUTLG01

£57.11 (ex. VAT)

£68.53 (inc. VAT)

UK Mainland Delivery: £7.95 + VAT
Delivery: 7-10 working days

Apollo Ultrasonic is the original ultrasonic oil tank contents gauge which comprises of a tank mounted transmitter unit and a plug-in receiver unit.

How does it work?

The transmitter monitors the level of fuel inside the tank and relays this data via a secure, wireless connection to the receiver unit, which cleverly and conveniently plugs into a standard electrical socket.

The receiver unit displays the level of fuel inside the tank, via an easy to read LCD display, which usefully includes a low level warning alert.

What's included?

  • A tank mounted ultrasonic transmitter unit, compatible with the standard 32mm port fitted to modern plastic oil storage tanks.
  • Optional multi adapter ensures compatibility with most steel tanks
  • Plug in receiver unit with integral antenna
  • Premium quality LCD display, readable from a wide range of angles under varying light conditions.


  • One size fits all. The Apollo Ultrasonic is suitable for almost any tank up to 3 metres tall, irrespective of manufacturer, capacity or material of construction.
  • Quick and easy to fit, with no specialist tools or wiring required
  • Up to 200 metres line of sight range via secure, wireless, FM data transmissions
  • Easy to use, thanks to an intuitive, easy to read LCD display
  • On-screen, low-level warning alert with audible alarm, reduces the risk of running out of oil
  • Contactless technology and the absence of a direct connection to the oil supply line eliminates the risk of spills and leaks.
  • Adds value to oil storage tanks and fuel storage installations.
  • Positioned above the maximum liquid level inside the tank, the Apollo Ultrasonic can assist in ensuring compliance with secondary containment requirements.